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Sandhills Session

I am definitely ashamed to say that I had never been to the Monahans Sandhills before last month! Oh my goodness, it is so beautiful! And I just loved the way these photographs came out.

I was a part of The West Texas Bride for a little while. It seemed like a fantastic idea in my head to brand wedding vendors, and be in tune with that market.

I tell people, if something makes you anxious, and gives you bad energy, then you probably shouldn't do it. That is how that project made me feel. It was not the right fit for me.

While I love networking, and love branding, something about it just made me feel...yuck. So, I stepped down and handed it off to someone else. I had promised to do a committed to a sand hills session before I left, and even then I was trying to think of excuses not to do it. But, I stuck with my commitment, and am so glad I did.

Here is the result:

Styling : West Texas Bride

Hair : Kristen Bolden

Flowers : Enchanted Garden

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