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Head Shots Are Not Created Equally

I love my clients and the services they bring to West Texas! Each one is uniquely special, and they each bring a service or product that people need! But, not all head shots are created equally.

Why? Because just as different as we all are individually, so should your images! Granted, locations can be the same sometimes, but each image is tailored to you, what you stand for, what service you bring, and how people can relate to you.

Are you in the real estate business that eases first time home buyers into finding their perfect home? Are you an executive in an oil company who juggles the hustle and bustle of the industry ? Are you a face painter who brings children joy? Are you a photographer who's niche is to capture magical moments when babies are magically brand new?

This is why they are not created equally! Not everyone needs to have a formal suit and tie on a black backdrop to represent their company or their brand. Granted, we can do that! But here at Finch Media Co., our job is to bring editing and locations that are tailored to your brand.

Not everyone will have outrageously fun outfits and bold colors like my face painter friends! Because, lets face it, their brand is fun! Their joys, gifts and passions, are not the same as your joys.

Not everyone has their own office either! Do any of my friends bounce around from coffee shop to coffee shop or work in a co-working space like we do? Or maybe you have a more masculine brand and work outdoor, teaching civilians how to be confident in owning firearms.

No matter what your brand is, we are here to help you every step of the way to make sure that who you are and what your brand is, is reflected in your portraits for your intended audience. Weather it be general head shots, or storytelling branding session, Finch Media Co, has you covered!

Be sure to see our portfolio for more. Or, if you're ready to get started, fill our our quick branding questionnaire!

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