Put Your Dream to the Test

Put Your Dream to the Test is a JOHN MAXWELL certified leadership event.


Heidi Kirk, a John Maxwell Team certified Trainer, will teach you how to put your dreams to the test and how to develop your mind to raise your level of capacity for success. 

This workshop will be very hands on and intimate. Expect personal and professional growth from this one day event on April 5th, 2019. This event will begin at 10 am. Kicking off with activities designed to activate those creative abilities we will need to put our dreams to the test. Be sure to come early for some coffee and connections time at 9:30 AM. Join the community. Lunch and materials will be provided. 


Heidi will lead you through sessions intended to teach you how to put your dreams to the test and develop your mind to reach its utmost potential for the coming months. 

We know you will leave motivated, inspired, and equipped to be your best self and have your best success in business this year. Do not just follow your dreams, live them out and proclaim them. Connect to fellow leaders in your small business community as you rise together to actualize your dreams.

Coffee & Connections is so excited to team up with The Brilliant Division to bring you such a powerful time of conscious communication and constant connections. Join the community. Influence the collective.