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About Me


Hi! I'm Leiken!


I'm married to my best friend, Jerod and we have 3 children. We have been married  12 years, but have known each other over twenty years. Jerod  totally my best friend and biggest supporter. 


I began my love of photography when my oldest son was born. I always thought cameras were fun, and loved taking pictures, but man, my heart strings were pulled when that baby came to bless us on this earth. Then, the picture overload came!

I now have 3 sons! Jhett, Rowan, and Asher . When Rowan was born I really began to study posing, lighting, and editing.

I found an even bigger passion in photography, and 

capturing life's moments, and our story through images. But, my heart was not in photographing children and families. It's helping business develop!

Over the past 5 years I have began to study everything business, branding and marketing to elevate brands and help them succeed. 

My family enjoys dance parties in our kitchen, going to

coffee shops, and we 

are also a homeschooling family! It's the best!

One of my favorite things to do is go grocery shopping. Ha! Especially produce! I'm a sucker for bright, bold fruits and vegetables. But, I also will never turn down some good chicken wings! The way to my heart is food. This is also how I describe 

my editing style. Bright and bold.  Please visit my portfolio page to see what my work looks like! 

In 2018 I began shooting

personal branding photography  and expanding into that

market. I love helping small businesses grow and

build their brand with curated photographs tailored to them!

In 2020 I scaled down from a full service branding agency, to just doing branding and commercial photography and videography. With the chaos in the world, and throwing a baby in the mix, I had to do what was best for my family.

Jerod and I have lived  in West Texas the past 8 years. 

I wasn't born here, but got here as quickly as I could!


My kids and husband are the thing I am most proud of.

I love Jesus. He is my light in the darkness. I also love

a good cup of coffee and would love to get to meet you!

So, let's make a plan and get together! Also, sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date on events, promotion, and savvy business things,!


Contact Me

(806) 395-0871

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