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Your business and brand are your passion; what you love about doing everyday to earn a living from and how you add value to others. In order to sustain that business, and give it the credibility it deserves, branding your business appropriately should be one of the first steps to invest in. Leave your customers impressed, and invested in you!


Finch Media Co. has many different options to suit your business branding needs, and we are thrilled to help you sort those out and present and brand yourself appropriately. This is how we can add value to your brand. 


You sometimes only have a few seconds to make a first impression, so lets make it a powerful one. Whether its making an impact with your first impression on a new customer, or enticing returning customers to come again or refer you. We help you make it count and have an innovative approach to digital marketing. Our media is designed to generate income. Let us help you grow!


Business Branding Package

This is really the ultimate media package to brand your business. It would include a branding consultation to go over the brand photos, video productions, video ads, head shots, and social media strategy




Brand Consultation

This is a consultation package, usually broken into 2 or more sessions. 1st, is to get to know you and your personality which is free of charge, the 2nd is strategic  to help build your brand, and its presence




High Quality
Instagram Reels

Reels are THE ticket for instagram right now. Video marketing is definitely leading the way with short, entertaining or value added  clips. Let's get your business growing with some high-quality reels!



Petite Branding Package

This is a small version of our branding package, but still packs a powerful punch. It would also include a consultation, 30 second video ad, and branding photos of your business



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Commercial Photography

Build your e-commerce store, and your business with top of the line commercial photography for your products and services!




Personal Brand Photography

Personal Brand Photography is curated photography to compliment your brand and tell your story. Different package options are available. Our most chosen being done seasonally






This is the perfect way to introduce yourself, brand your business cards, linked in or website! These are small packages to start you off correctly!



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