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Video Production

Video production is an important part to marketing and branding because it gives people a visual on who you are and what your product is, virtually, in detail and usually doesn't require a description. Personal branding media gives brands authenticity to market to their digital audience. 

In 2019, Video Advertisement is set to dominate,

and will be the driving factor behind


of the search traffic.

We take on small projects to tell your story on your digital platforms and social media. 

I recently conducted a poll on my own personal Instagram story, and 98% of the votes said they were influenced by ads on social media vs TV and Radio. NINETY EIGHT PERCENT! So, what are you waiting for? Why would you spend the money going into the local paper or local TV?

Videos are the rage for social platforms, and it is trending more and more. From your Instagram story, to commercial advertisements, YouTube or telling your brand story. We can cover you!


Finch Media Co. Branding Videography

Finch Media Co. Branding Videography

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