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Social Media Management
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of votes on a poll said they were influenced by ads on social media vs TV and Radio. 

Social media management is a necessary service for today's economy, where digital integration of marketing is key. Little, or lack of information can actually hurt your business. When consumers search, and can't find, they quickly and easily move on to the next business who has plenty of content to offer. They may not be as adequately equipped and stocked as you, but if you don't have the digital information they are searching for, you could loose a potential customer, or worse, several.

Our service includes monthly branding shoots to have personalized content creation. The vital information of your company  or brand is served across all of your digital platforms (website, social channels, etc). We can analyze the information, find your target audience, and engage with them to sell an experience, vs a product . People buy off of emotion, and we are here to provide that experience for them. 

Social media management and marketing is a full time job! And as business owners, we know how valuable time is, and how little we have of it. That is why we are here to grow your brand online. We build an online presence for people to remember you, while they are offline.  

We would love to meet you and have a cup of coffee to consult, and let us see how we can best  serve your business.

Results within 6 months of Finch Media taking over social accounts


Highly   Recommend!

Why you should choose Finch Media Co. 

One of the best business decisions I ever made was hiring Finch Media Co. to manage all the social media for [us] I highly, highly, highly recommend hiring them to take your business to the next level! I’m so grateful I did!

- Jenny Cudd, owner of 5 small businesses

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