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Branding Consultation

So, you own a small business! Terrific!Do you have a scheduled marketing plan? Do you know your ideal  client? Do you know how to create content and tell stories that are authentically you? Do you know how to brand yourself to stand out from the crowd?

Its OK if you don't! If you answered no to any of these questions, these discovery consultations are for you!

Branding consultations are broken up into an hour long, the first one is FREE! It is following a questionnaire, which you can answer online, for me to get to know you. You can find it here.


Second, after I've met you, and learned a little about you, we begin to dig deep to find the meaning of your brand. Your purpose, ideal client, and how the heck to effectively market your brand digitally.  

I give you all of my ins and outs to social media marketing, and how to tell your brand story through consultations that only suit YOUR brand.

Everyone is on a different journey, has different goals, and I'm here to help you find out exactly how that works.

Please fill out the branding questionnaire, and our company will get in touch with you to schedule your FREE consultation shortly! We appreciate your time!

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