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I am a wife,  mom, chaos coordinator, content creator,  branding specialist and network enthusiast! 

I am passionate  about your brand image and how to tackle those hurdles you  will encounter with elevating your brand to avoid being seen as amateur. I love stories, and would  love to hear yours too! Lets connect!


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Leiken Finch


Thank you so much for visiting! I'm Leiken, a branding specialist, and owner of Finch Media Co., a business branding company based in  Midland, TX for businesses and entrepreneurs. 


Finch Media Co provides a tailored experience to fully brand your business and is sure to engage your audience!

This is your first digital impression. Your transparency for overcoming struggles, living your dreams, dealing with day to day challenges, and adding value are  important! 

What colors represent your brand? What image do you want people to know and remember? What are your morals and beliefs?


This is your brand. Top of mind awareness with a logo that describes you. A website to help people find you. Images that will help people relate to you!

Let the world see your smiling face, and emotionally invest in you, while you add value to your future and existing customers.


Consistent and credibility in your media is extremely important and valuable in today's digital society. Finch Media is here to set you up on the right foot to be a powerful brand, and help you overcome getting viewed as amateur. 

We can't wait to meet you, listen to your dreams, and make them come to life!

What is branding?

Branding is a perception or emotion maintained by someone other than yourself, that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you. 

There are lots of questions we ask when consulting or evaluating  brand, that we hone in on to present your message to your audience. 

Your company culture. Your target audience. The emotions you feel when you think about your brand. The community advocating for you. That's branding. 

branding And



Curated photography to compliment your brand, connect with your audience, and avoid the risk of getting overlooked as an amateur or hobbyist by showing up as a high caliber professional. 

Brand consultaions

Brand consultaions

Branding consultations are a personal way to audit your brand and help you determine your voice, dial in on your audience, and help you market your product or service by determining the factors that make up your brand. 

Logo and graphic Design

Describe what you offer here. Add a few choice words and a stunning pic to engage your audience and get them to click. 

This is your first impression to the world! Make it a powerful one! Our logo designs are curated to your vision and brand, and will be sure to be remembered! 

Digital business course

Course information coming soon. 


One of the best business decisions I ever made was hiring Finch Media Co. to manage all the social media for [us] I highly, highly, highly recommend hiring them to take your business to the next level! I’m so grateful I did!


—  Jenny Cudd, Avid Entreprener

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