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The Unexpected Life: Blessed to be Cooking


Babies are a blessing. No doubt about that! What about new babies, and a new job all thrown together!

A young family was thrown a curve ball and God giving them a different plan to follow that what they thought and planned. This is the Rhoderick family.

Coming from a predominantly agriculture background, and having 3 babies under 3, and a new path to follow, they took a risk. Chance and Kaylee took a risk, and are now blossoming in their business

They uprooted their family from Canyon, TX, moved to Midland, TX, and started teaching our community how to cook delicious meals, healthy and efficiently.

Kaylee is usually the one cooking for you, while Chance handles the logistics of their business. But it is definitely a team effort. Their sweet girls, Addison, Kinley and Jenna are so full of life, and with a playroom in Mom and Dads office, they are watching their parents build a legacy to carry on.

To find out more about 'Blessed to be Cooking,"'follow their facebook page at

and be sure to say "hello!"


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