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The Importance of Social Media Presence for Business Owners

Every generation brings new and important ways of communication, new trends, and something new to keep up with. It’s always evolving! While some welcome the changes, it can also be intimidating and quite overwhelming.

We do not live in a print era anymore. While we still have printed products, a shift is definitely being made. Printed news, printed magazines; while still important tools, this age has definitely evolved into a digital generation. Digital and social platforms with instant access to…EVERYTHING. It's too easy to grab a phone and look something up. Does anyone even use yellow pages anymore? We are persuaded by digital advertisements and get emotionally involved in others’ digital lives.

Want to hear a funny story? I am writing this on pen paper as a rough draft. There is no denying I love that new book smell, turning the pages of a magazine to see bold headlines and eye catching vivid images to match.

But, as times goes on, so does technology. I’m afraid printing is going to be a lost art one day, as it slowly becomes an outdated form of connection.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to a friend? How about an email? Better yet, a text message?

In a time where information is at our fingertips, we check our phones continuously, now more than ever is an important time to leave your digital footprint for your business.

We still very much need small businesses even though we live in a digital era. We are still human and crave the social interaction. (Even you introverts!) Because, it’s how our business runs! You cannot order a plumber on amazon. Although, you can order your groceries.

Does this bother you a little bit? It does me. Why? Because I value my customers and I want them to value me. But how do you create value? First, you need to initiate and build a relationship and trust. You need to make your first impression count. Customer loyalty runs off of that first impression. Even if it is a digital one.

I always like to refer back to Chip and Joanna Gaines. While, I don’t have cable, nor have I ever seen their television show, they stole my heart. I love them! Why? Because they made a powerful, emotion fueled digital first impression. And in real life, we could totally be best friends. Don’t you agree?

People are fueled on emotion. Good or bad. People make decisions on emotion. What makes you unique and different from the next guy?

While I would love for everyone to be my client, it’s not going to happen. I have a target market for my business. I tend to draw in clients of a specific gender, age, and social background. So, I target my posts to fuel that audience. I need someone who will value my work because they value their work. I want to fuel their emotion, build a connection, and tailor their experience to capture their target audience. And I would like to teach you!

If I have peeked your interest, even just a little, please consider signing up for my newsletter. In return, you will get a FREE valuable tips to grow your online presence. Tips to overcome setbacks relating to social media platforms helping to increase your digital audience and customer base.

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