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Websites that Convert

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Recently I have delved into the topic of websits that convert. Convert whom? Your browsers into clients. Your followers into clients. Your social media platforms are your digital handshakes of where someone can meet you. You then want to lead them to a website to where they can get to know you!

Digital marketing is the only directions that marketing is headed. TV and Radio shows are dying, because everyone can have instant, digital access from their computers, phones, and tablets. It's just how it is.

So, unless you know someone personally and have a relationship (different topic at a different time), your first impressions should be...impressionable! And you should be authentic, genuine and wholesome to who you are and who can relate to you to be your next customer.

Your website should be modern, consist of your brand colors, vibe and personality, and also, easy to navigate.

I'm continuing to work on mine, but so far I've had great luck from changing the look of my website to more bright, approachable colors, and showing my face more!

After all, I am the face of my brand!

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