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Branding:Selling An Experience

Melissa shooting with Leiken Finch Photography

Personal Branding doesn't just include a logo, or color scheme. It also includes one very important aspect: YOU!

You are the very reason that people support and shop at your business. By creating an experience for your customer, you emotionally connect with them, add value to them, (which is why we should be in business in the first place) and you also create a returning customer.

Melissa shooting with Leiken Finch Photography

My session with Melissa with Zyia Active was a breath of fresh air. She understands the value of professional photography, so it was my job to help her choose destinations that would help her relate her story to her audience, and continue to emotionally build her connection with them, and even start new relationships.

Melissa shooting with Leiken Finch Photography

Her tailored audience includes women who want to be comfortable, fashionable, and build self esteem with her active wear. She is such a fun, motivated and kind-hearted person, who truly cares for each one of her clients and team members.

We wanted to show these women that you can be cute and comfy while drinking your coffee at your favorite shop (while shopping for Zyia online, wink wink) and stylish and active at the gym all in the same get-up. You can even choose to pursue this business to share your experience with others, right along with her!

Melissa shooting with Leiken Finch Photography

From casual, to athletic, you can have all of these looks. I also needed to show off her hard work both on and off the gym. Her aesthetic figure proves that, along with her value of professional photography to lead to consistent, credible branding imagery for her business.

Melissa shooting with Leiken Finch Photography

While Melissa holds pop-up shopping experiences, she also delivers to your door a boutique experience, and of course you can always shop with her online at

From casual outings, to one more rep, this gorgeous line of active wear is top of the line.

Let's get together for your branding session next!I'd love to chat over a cup of coffee to see I can help you relate to, or deliver to your audience!

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