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Mobile Stimulation and Marketing: Good or Bad?

There is always a controversy on technology and the digital era. Usually it is the millennial and Gen Z'ers who will argue the pro's vs. cons.

As mobile usage continues to increase, so does the importance of the value and impact of the content you provide. Does the image make them stop scrolling to read what you have to say? Does the video entice them to start following you to learn more about your brand?

People want to me involved and informed digitally. The downfall to increased stimulation by mobile devices, is the desire to continue to be stimulated, and shorter attention spans.

How do you address that? By having great, impactful, short lived content. We would be happy to sit down and have a consultation with you on what this looks like for your business. You can fill out our survey here, to start.

Millennial and Gen Z believe in authentic and meaningful content. Meaning, that you need to focus on the people behind the brand! It is so, so, so important! Video content is also taking precedence. These generations are the future! Your future clients, and your future employees. It is who we need to focus our digital marketing efforts on. Gone (or quickly going) are the baby boomer days of Newspapers and TV.

I recently conducted a poll on my own personal Instagram story, and 98% of the votes said they were influenced by ads on social media vs TV and Radio. NINETY EIGHT PERCENT! So, what are you waiting for? Why would you spend the money going into the local paper or local TV? Plus, social media has all of the data and analytics to directly target to your ideal client, vs advertising to the masses and hope someone relates to your ad on TV. We do that too, and would be happy to help serve your business.

The moral of this story, is to have terrific, engaging, short lived content...consistently. And, welcome the digital era. So what do you think? Are the effects of mobile stimulation, good or bad? Depends on if you are marketing your business.

Please visit our investments page to see how Finch Media Co. can help you boost your business, digitally.

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