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Transition your images from Summer to Fall in Photoshop

When new to photoshop, the plethora of buttons, menus and gadgets on there can be confusing! I suggest to first familiarize your self just a tad with photoshop. But, in case you want to jump right in, or know kind of what you are doing, here is an "easy" way to transition your photos from summer to fall!

First, open photoshop, and then open your image. I try to always suggest taking your images in RAW on your camera. The colors are more easily manipulated in photoshop.

Once your image is open. select the layer in the lower left hand corner of your screen. It should say "background." Once that layer is selected, hit "CTRL +J". This will make a copy of your background.


Next, select the "Layer" tab at the top. Then scroll down to "New Adjustment Layer" then "Color Balance."

A new small window will open, labeled "New Layer" at the top. Just click "OK"

A set of sliders will appear on the right side of your screen. Slide the first slider over to the red side, halfway between the center and the side labeled "red." Just a warning. This will turn your WHOLE image red, but we will fix that shortly.

Next slide the middle slider over slightly to the magenta side.

Finally, slide the last slide over slightly toward the yellow side.

You can play around with these until you get the desired color you would like your foliage to be.

Lastly, on the left side of your screen select your brush button, and make sure it is set to black. Now, adjust the size of your brush at the top of your screen, and the opacity to 100% ( or whatever you desire) and "paint" over your subjects, and anything else that you do not want those autumn tones.

Ta-da! You have a fall photo!

Stay tuned for more articles like this! And follow us on instagram!


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