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Directing Sales with Direct Sales

Hey y'all! (Thought that pic was fitting!)

Being in direct sales can be tough! I know this because I have been involved in a few.

Passion and perseverance determines success.

While direct sales weren't my cup of tea, I am not here to discourage you. In fact, I encourage you! There are a lot of successful boss babes in direct sales, even right here in the Permian Basin. Heck yeah!

What If I could help you build your brand? Give you an extra edge up to share your passion?

We assimilate images 60,000 times faster that written words. And, while mobile phones are great tools, they don't have the best picture quality compared to professional photography.

Eye Catching colors, displays and your personality with be tailored into every photograph. Curated images that show your uniqueness and why people should support or join your business.

I offer Personal Branding Photography for brick and mortar stores, but I know being in direct sales you sometimes have to be frugal with a marketing budget.

So, for my direct sales friends, I want to offer you a Personal Branding mini session. Incorporating lifestyle headshots, product displays, and flat lay, an ad and a facebook cover photo or various media kits. All revolving around YOU! It's your story, your passion, your "why." Its you!

I have a special promotion price for my network marketers.

Show your audience that you are serious, determined, passionate and on top of your game!

So, get with me! Visit my website, email me or call me! And let me help you dominate your brand! Tailored to you. Posed to Impress. Delivered to engage.

(p.s. these images are not related to another, just examples of what we can do for you!)

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