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Digital Handshake: How To Do It Right

Your social media networks allow bios on your page to let your following, or potential followers get to know you a little better through a very short description.

If you own a business, in that bio, its important to have your target market, and who you are marketing to! Your personal interests are important to, but should come after your target market.

I used to want everyone to be my client. I'd take anything that came to me. High school seniors, families, just children, weddings, and branding. I felt like I was trying to figure things out. Find my niche and passion. So, my Instagram bio was very vague. Just "Photographer. I love Jesus and my family." That's pretty much it. Didn't have my target market. Didn't even have a location. Man, was I so wrong.

I narrowed down my niche in my bio for the exact clients I am looking for. I still will photograph other things if inquire, if I have the time and if they will pay what I am asking, but I don't market families, weddings, children, etc.

Branding photography is my passion. Its what I'm good at. I love supporting small businesses and am genuinely interested in their story, so that's who my target market is.

I was so scared for the longest time that nobody would want to book with me because I changed the crowd I was marketing to. And for a while, I didn't get any inquiries. But I was consistent with my postings, and content. And soon, my crowd came. Those that could relate to me, those that needed what I offered, and those whom I could really add value to.

So, this is me telling you that its OK to market what you're good at and do just that one thing. It's OK to change your bio to your niche market. It's OK if you have a short period of figuring things out. Because soon, it will all fall into place.

Your bio and your social media platforms are your digital handshake. Its the first impression for a lot of people, so make it a good one and the right one!

If you feel like this was helpful, leave me some love! You can also subscribe to my newsletter for more insights, and promotions, and don't forget to follow me on instagram!

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