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Coffee + Connections

What a great community we have in Midland, TX!

Last week we had our first networking event with Coffee + Connections, for Midland area entrepreneurs to meet, connect and grow!

We want to offer value to our community and help your businesses! So, we will hold regular meet ups, panels and workshops!

Just so you know what to expect, we want to offer high levels of value and communications to be brought into the basin, so some events are free for networking, and some will have a small fee to cover our speakers' fees. But I want to invest in you. I want you to be invested in you! I want there to be community cultivation that lives in Midland, TX

Stay tuned for our next event, and other news and offers by subscribing to my newsletter! Can't wait to see you guys again!

Our next event:

Coffee + Connections : Business in Review

December 8th

9:30 AM

Higher Grounds Coffee

Coffee + Connections

This is a FREE networking event!

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