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Breaking Free : The Story Behind Purple Elephant Photography

Tammy,| Photographer | Personal Brand

Meet Tammy, the face behind Purple Elephant Photography. Tammy is a free spirit, full of love (especially for her puppies) and fun!

Tammy has enjoyed photography since she was a little girl. Her family is full of artists, so this just fit right into the picture (pun intended) for her. She loves getting to express her creative side. But life wasn't always easy.

She battled with addiction for many years. For 16 years, she turned to drugs and alcohol instead, a disease many suffer with. But, 7 years ago, she broke free from the addiction. And, by the Grace of God, she is sober and expressing herself in a different light

Tammy has had her photography business for three years. She enjoys capturing sunset/naturescape. Soon after she started sharing her pictures, people starting asking her to take their portraits. And the business grew. She takes a variety of portraits, and is located in Odessa, Texas.

I had the pleasure of following Tammy behind the scenes and capturing her in her element. Be sure to look up Purple Elephant Photography and say Hello!

If you would like to capture your business, let me serve you and help build your brand. Be sure to follow us on facebook and instagram and at

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