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5 tips to Grow Your Brand On Instagram

There are lots of different ways to grow your following on instagram. Paying someone and a bot, is the easiest, but then that could create a shadow ban (subject for a later day) and it's not organic. Wouldn't you like to have a real, organic following that enjoys you, for you?! I do. So, I made a list of a few steps to take to grow an organic following for those who enjoy your story, your brand.

1. Hashtag

More specific, location specific hashtags. Tag the name of your city, and area, and surrounding cities. Hashtags that over a million uses, will be overlooked and hard to be seen. I also like hashtagging my favorite digital magazines pertaining to my brand. You are allowed 30 hashtags per post, so use them up! See what other local businesses and other creatives in your genre are tagging to get an idea

2. Geotag

It creates a way for your brand and platform to be discoverable. Locals in the area can click on the area specific location to find stuff to do, places to eat, and shop. So, use your location to geotag your post. You can add your city and state if you don't have a physical building or office of your own.

3. Use insta stories

Keep your grid clean and use specific colors, fonts, images for your main posts. But stories, use em up! Personal and business. You can make quick 15 second videos to engage with your audience. Use polls, ask questions, and tag your insta-buddies! This also helps break up algorithms to get seen a little better. It's sort of similar to snap chat, but one less platform to use, and way better in my opinion. Also, don't forget to geo-tag your stories!

4. Boost a post.

Yes, its an ad, but be mindful of your post, make sure the picture is professional, interesting and engaging, and have a call to action to grow your audience.

5. Get social, on social!

Chat with others. Compliment, applaud, ask questions. Start a pod. Engage with your community and follow other local businesses. It can also serve as a great referral base

A bonus tip, is to have professional images curated for your brand. But you already knew that one, huh? I'd love to chat over coffee to help you grow your brand, and hear your story!

You can follow my instagram for more tips and tricks here!

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